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In Russia, Holograms Put Inconsiderate OKU Parking Spot Abusers In Their Place

Gerard May 8, 2015 12:05

Disabled parking spaces are not for everyone. They are as the name suggests, for people who have disabilities. However, there are still able-bodied scumbags who still don’t understand this. Which is why this campaign called “More Than A Sign” by Russian non-profit organisation Dislife is brilliant.

Using holograms, yes holograms, Dislife set up a thin air screen made with water dispersion with a projector behind it and rigged it to a camera. The camera would verify if there is a valid disabled driver sticker on the front or rear windshield of a car that is looking to park in the disabled spot.

If no sticker is detected, the hologram appears right before the driver’s eyes with an accompanying message that berates the idiocy and inconsiderate act of the driver.

Taking place in various shopping malls and business centres across Russia including the largest mall in Europe, the campaign is an excellent way to make drivers aware of the rights that their disabled counterparts have including the challenges they face daily.

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