Safety tips: How to sit behind the wheel (BM)


Safety tips: How to sit behind the wheel (BM)

Contrary to popular belief, the ideal sitting position while driving is NOT like Vin Diesel in the movie Fast and Furious. In fact, it doesn’t even come close to that. Rumour has it that over 80 per cent of drivers still don't know how to sit behind the wheels. 

Since our driving schools’ syllabus only goes as far as ‘how to hold the steering wheel’, we feel that it is necessary for each and every driver out there to know what is the ideal sitting position behind the wheel.

Why it is such a big deal to know how to sit behind the wheel is because it will ensure that you are not only comfortable, but also safe.

That said, attached here is a video by our friends at Roda Pusing on how to sit behind the wheels. What they are explaining in the new Mitsubishi Triton is basically all you need to know about the ideal driver's position, and why you need to sit in such a way. 

Now, these are not regular Joes who are presenting in the video in case you’re wondering. The host, Hisham Jahudi, is actually an ex-professional racer in the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance championship, and also the founder of Motomassa Driving Academy, which specializes in offering various advanced driving courses.

So, unless you have more experience on the race track than our friend Hisham here, we would suggest that you spend a few minutes watching the video. It would be better if you can share it with your nephews and nieces who are new drivers as well. 

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