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Samsung’s Safety Truck Aims To Make Overtaking A Safer Affair

Gerard June 22, 2015 13:19

If you’ve ever driven on a single carriageway, you’ll know just how difficult and dangerous it is to overtake a slower moving vehicle in front of you. It gets even worse if the vehicle in front of you is a large lorry or truck for example, obstructing your view of what’s on the opposite lane before you perform the overtaking manoeuvre.

In Argentina, road accident statistics paint a grim picture – almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour with the majority of them involving attempts to overtake on such roads.

Samsung has decided to step in and created a ‘Safety Truck’ that aims to reduce these statistics when motorists attempt to overtake long vehicles as those mentioned.

The ‘Safety Truck’ features a camera mounted at the front which displays real-time video of what’s ahead of the truck to a four-screen display at the back of the truck. In low-light conditions, the cameras can enable its night vision setting as well.

This allows drivers to see what’s ahead even and plan their movement instead of trying to “peak” out on the opposite lane, minimising the danger of a crash.

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