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Shell continues weekly 'Get More with RM1' promotion

Aswan April 13, 2016 23:16

If you find yourself filling over RM 40 whenever you visit the petrol pump, it may be worth your time to visit a Shell station. Until April 30th, Shell is having an offer on a number of their products for those who spend over RM 40 on fuel or lubricants in a single receipt.

Buyers are entitled to pick up to 3 products from a range of brands; Lipton, Yeo’s, Gatorade, Seasons, Kit Kat, Oishi, Milo, Revive, Wonda, Tropicana Frutz, 100 Plus, Ranger, Coke, Mountain Dew, and SL Peanut are among the brands that have partnered with Shell for this promotion.

Shell believes that the ‘Get More with RM1” promotion will help motorists to be more efficient with their daily lives, allowing them to stock up on products for their day in an easy and convenient fashion at any of their stations. Motorists may also choose to use 100 Bonuslink points instead of RM 1 in order to redeem their products. 

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