Shell Helix Gives Away BMW 320i In Trade Partner Celebration Dinner

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Shell Helix Gives Away BMW 320i In Trade Partner Celebration Dinner

Shell Helix had a pretty comfortable 2014 with their being Malaysia’s leading passenger car oil brand. To mark the occasion, it held the 2015 Shell Helix National Trade Dinner with 700 of its closest trade partners. 

The evening affair was also an opportunity to recognize some 12 mechanics who have demonstrated commendable performance from within Helix Branded Workshops, and declared as Platinum Heroes by the company for their commitment to excellence, skills, knowledge and passion when serving their customers.

To express their appreciation in their partnership with BMW this year, Shell Helix gave away a brand new BMW 320i to a lucky attendee. From November 2014, BMW has partnered up with Shell Helix to become its official motor oil supplier for BMW service-fills as well as being BMW Motorsports’s official oil supplier.

Shell’s very excited to talk about their newest motor oil, Shell Helix Ultra with Pureplus Technology, the first motor oil to be created using natural gas. As such, it doesn’t have the impurities found in crude oil-based products and results in greater wear protection and cleansing abilities. It also has other attributes that were developed through the crucible of motorsport via its joint efforts with BMW to find more widespread applications to benefit everyday drivers.

Shell is also bringing a lucky opportunity to eighteen of its trade partners, who in October will be brought on an all-expense paid VIP trip to the city Munich in Germany where BMW is headquartered for a session with the BMW Driving Experience and to enjoy the beautiful Bavarian capital.

“This is all about rewarding our trade partners for their partnership, dedication and commitment towards our end consumers. These trade partners are extremely important to us as they are the trusted experts in the eyes of consumers. We are delighted that they share the belief that our revolutionary Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology is far superior to any other motor oil the market,” said Mr Leslie Ng, Shell Lubricants General Manager.

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Jim Kem

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