Shell Opens First Public EV Charging Station In Jakarta

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Shell Opens First Public EV Charging Station In Jakarta

The Indonesian arm of petrochemical giant Royal Dutch Shell have opened its first public electric vehicle charging station in Jakarta, making it the third major oil and gas company to do so within the country following Pertamina in 2018 and PT Medco Energi back in February.

As reported by the Jakarta Post, the Shell Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) is located within their Pluit 1 petrol station, with the single charging station outputting at a rate of 50kW, or more than twice as quick as the more common 22kW supply found at other public charging stations.

Nissan Leaf - Charging Fleet

This ‘fast’ charging rate has lead to the company claiming a 0-80% charging time of less than one hour. Though, obviously, this varies between EVs. Shell had previously stated that their plan to aggressively expand their global network of charging stations from 60,000 to 250,000 by 2025.

Similarly, their plans also include the recently announced partnership with Porsche Asia Pacific to erect a network 6 of high-performance fast charging stations along the length of Peninsula Malaysia, with each location having 2 outlets/bays each for a total of 12.

Porsche Taycan - Shell

Over the next decade, Indonesia plans to radically shift its transportation and industrial landscape toward clean and renewable energy, leveraging its reserves of nickel to spur the local battery manufacturing sector.

Meanwhile, the country has been lobbying major automakers such as Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi to establish or expand production facilities within their borders with an eye to meet the expected rising demand of electric vehicles within Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region.

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