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Snatch Thief Steals Woman's Handbag, Loses Own Motorcycle In The Process

Gerard March 12, 2015 10:26

Snatch thieves are the scum in our world today and we get a sense of satisfaction at what has happened in this YouTube video as you’ll see shortly. Kudos to the woman for her quick wit over her dumb perpetrator.

In this short 30 second video, we see a woman walking along an alleyway when a motorcyclist pulls up beside her and snatches her handbag before running away. However, as the fool runs away, he leaves his motorcycle unattended, allowing the woman to hop onto his motorcycle and presumably ride to the nearest police station.

By then, the snatch thief is trying to sprint back to get his motorcycle only to realise it’s too late. We sincerely hope that justice was dealt towards the snatch thief.

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