SPAD Approval Required For KL-Padang Besar ETS, Inspections Ongoing

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SPAD Approval Required For KL-Padang Besar ETS, Inspections Ongoing

Approval of the Land Transport Commission (SPAD) is required for operations to begin on the Kuala Lumpur - Padang Besar Electric Train Service (ETS). 

Bernama reports SPAD is still in the process of inspecting the ETS strains and railways lines, according to chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar. He said SPAD would approve of operation once public safety is assured when using the service.

After the launch of SPAD’s Mobile Operation Vehicles (MoVs) in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, June 30, Syed Hamid said: “We have told them already (postponement of operation), but we have to take action if they flout the law, we need to inspect quite a number of their tracks and trains.”

KTMB announced on Thursday, June 25, that the 329km ETS service would be operational very soon and can be used to travel during the Hari Raya Aidifitri festive period. However, this timeframe has been hampered by approval delays with SPAD

Meanwhile, Syed Hamid told the news agency that SPAD is expected to issue 400 Temporary Conversion Licences (LPS) to add additional buses to meet the demands of travellers during the 'balik kampung' season. Any hikes in bus fares, however, must first be approved by the Cabinet.

Additionally, the MOV units that were launched recently were revealed by Syed Hamid to function as mobile operation centres with video recording facilities, closed circuit television, and infrared cameras.

“We will use the MOVs to issue notices directly to public vehicles flouting the traffic laws on the road without having to refer to the SPAD headquarters first. The two units will operate in the Klang Valley,” he added. 

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