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SPYSHOT: All-New Koenigsegg Regera Shows Us Its Lowered Rear

Gerard March 2, 2015 11:19

Not too long ago, Koenigsegg got us really excited when they announced that a new model dubbed the Agera RS will make its way to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. After that, they announced that an all-new model will make its entry at the same event as well. The name? Koenigsegg Regera and in the Swedish language, it is a verb meaning to reign.

And reign over the supercar world is what the company would want it to do. Unfortunately, until the Geneva Motor Show, we have zero details about it regarding its looks or its powertrain capabilities. Fortunately, thanks to Instagram user shmee150, we now have a good look at the Regera’s bottom and reveals a very, very low-riding supercar/hypercar.

However, we’ll have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show for more details.

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