Spyshot: Mysterious Daihatsu Thor Spied In Malaysia

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Spyshot: Mysterious Daihatsu Thor Spied In Malaysia

Well what do we have here? This particular kei car was recently spied by this writer during a trip down south, parked in a hotel parking space.

Called the Daihatsu Thor, this little kei car is sold exclusively in Japan. The Daihatsu Thor is also sold as the Toyota Roomy across Toyota and Toyota Corolla dealerships across Japan.

The front emblem was taped up, while the rear emblem was removed. Additionally, the model emblem was also taped up, shrouding the little kei car in mystery.

We also noticed some test equipment mounted on the roof of the car and what appears to be a camera mounted on the windscreen.

It is also worth noting that the “B 3598 A” trade plate that this car is wearing belongs to Perodua, as our friends over that Funtasticko posted photos of a Daihatsu Move bearing the same plates some time ago. 

However, Perodua rarely does testing on public roads during day time, as the company prefers to do their testing after the sun sets in an effort to prevent attracting too much attention. On top of that, there have not been any spyshots of recent Perodua models doing testing on public roads, including the Bezza and the new Myvi.

As this car was seen in the open, it is unlikely that Perodua will be launching a revival model of the Kenari. We reckon that the Daihatsu Thor seen here is actually a testbed for Perodua's development of a soon-to-be launched feature.

Gallery: Spyshot: Mysterious Daihatsu Thor Spied In Malaysia

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