Stay Safe and Get Rewarded by Michelin This Hari Raya


Stay Safe and Get Rewarded by Michelin This Hari Raya

With the festive season upon us, many would already be planning their much anticipated “Balik Kampung” trips. However, the erratic weather conditions that we’ve been experiencing lately, with heavy rain and flash floods expected to continue in many parts of Peninsular Malaysia is a reminder for us to ensure that our vehicles are in the best of conditions.

Under such unpredictable driving conditions, it is important for motorists to ensure that their tyres; which are actually the most important safety features on their vehicles, are in optimal condition as they ensure the safety of the motorists’ loved ones.

So, it is important to make it a habit to inspect your tyres regularly and keep an eye on the tread wear. The common mistake made by most drivers is that many assumed that as long as the tread has not worn down to the level of the indicators, the tyre is still safe.

While a tyre might still be within legal limits, braking performance however is significantly compromised once the tread depth drops below 40 percent (about 3 mm). In fact, braking performance will begin to taper off once the tread depth drops below 60 percent.

So, if you find the tyres of your vehicles to be in critical shape, and realise that it is time for you to replace them, there is a good reason to head over to your nearest MICHELIN outlet this Raya.

With a wide range of tyres on offer, MICHELIN offers tyre solutions for your budget and your vehicle type.

The high performance MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 aims to deliver uncompromised driving pleasure, in both wet and dry conditions.

The MICHELIN Primacy SUV is developed specifically for high performance SUVs, and seeks to complement the sophisticated safety features available in high-end SUVs by optimising the braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST developed for regular sedans and hatchbacks strikes a good balance between comfort, fuel economy and driving performance.

The entry MICHELIN Energy XM2 is an extremely durable tyre, lasting 20 percent longer than other tyres, without compromising on safety and fuel economy.

All MICHELIN tyres are developed with the MICHELIN Total Performance System, which our promise to deliver tyres that offers outstanding performance not just in only one specific attribute, but to offer top-class performance in all areas.

For this Raya season, with the purchase of 4 Michelin passenger car tyres of 16” and above, customers are entitled to receive a Michelin Picnic Blanket with Pouch. Those who purchase 4 Michelin passenger car tyres of 15” and below, will receive a Michelin Barrel Bag. 

Besides the above-mentioned promotion, Michelin is also having the "MPSE Ticket Contest" over the same period (from now until 8 July 2016), where those who buy 4 Michelin Pilot Range Tyres stand a chance to win an MPSE ticket, and get some track experience at the Sepang International Circuit. 

Click here for more information on Michelin's Raya Promotion. 

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