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Subaru To Unveil E-Boxer Forester STI Concept At TAS 2019

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Subaru To Unveil E-Boxer Forester STI Concept At TAS 2019

Subaru is a company that has - stubbornly, at times - stuck to its guns, and it seems like that effort is starting to pay off with this generation of models. They've made quite a number of solid performers, but it's time for them to step forward into the future - one that's electrified. Last year, Subaru introduced the Forester e-Boxer for the Japanese market exclusively, but it seems that this mild hybrid system is working its way into the STI variants.

For the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, Subaru is going to be bringing a couple of concept vehicles - and one of these vehicles is the Forester STI e-Boxer, which is likely to be a high performance hybrid model using the same kind of mild hybrid system, but paired with a far more potent engine and gearbox. The STI treatment also extends to the aesthetics with a more aggressive body kit and wheels for true sporting appeal. 

Finished in fighter grey, this Forester STI e-Boxer could be a big hit if and when it comes to market. There's always room for more performance SUVs, and it's an even greater benefit if the vehicle happens to be better for the environment as well. We just hope that Subaru doesn't go the way of its Japanese counterparts and abandon motorsports entirely, but rather work in tandem with the wonderful world of rally and racing.

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