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Suzuki Recalls Two Million Cars Over Ignition Switch Issue, Mostly In Japan

Jim Kem April 22, 2015 16:39

The Suzuki Motor Corporation has said that recent findings have prompted a recall campaign that concerns more than two million vehicles over an ignition switch defect. But don't worry, as far as we know it doesn't involve cars sold in Malaysia 

According to Reuters, Suzuki said in a filing with Japan’s transport ministry that there have been 67 reports of smoking ignition switches. This latest recall is a follow-on from an incident on March 31st when the Japanese automaker ran a separate recall for 168,000 cars over the same issue after reports of burning or smoking ignition switches surfaced in Japan that affected 18 police cars and 12 civilian cars.

It appears that this defect is much more widespread than previously thought. A Suzuki spokesperson said the latest recall involves nine vehicle models and 1,873,000 cars in Japan as well as 133,700 cars in markets such as Australia and Europe. They include:

  • Suzuki Alto, WagonR, and Swift built between 1998 and 2009. (Japan)
  • Chevrolet Cruze – Built by Suzuki for General Motors Co. (Japan)
  • AZ-Wagon and Carol, both are sold as Mazda models but made by Suzuki. (Japan)
  • Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Alto and Chevrolet Cruze. (in Australia and Europe)

As long as this defect has existed, there have been no reports of it causing any injury or leading to any accidents. Suzuki has, so far, not been willing to disclose the monetary impact that this recall will incur. 

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