Tantalising Taste At Tanzini

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Tantalising Taste At Tanzini

Food lovers that are seeking for a gorgeous gastronomic experience with a picturesque vista of the cityscape can set a reservation with Tanzini, the upper class food sanctuary of GTower Kuala Lumpur.

Not a new name in the eatery scene, the gustatory delights in the sky has come a long way from being a dining option on the 28th floor of the building to maturing its presence into a notable household name as an astounding food provider. Still not resting on its laurels, Tanzini continues to deliver the best food for its customers, evidences of its prestigious reputation that it has collected over the years can be seen rested humbly on its freshly renovated walls.

The dining location recently underwent a tremendous restoration in renewing its layout. Different from how it used to look; simple, clean lines now fill the gaps of this elegant establishment. The subtle timeless atmosphere of Tanzini's color schemes allows patrons who visit this joint to be drawn into the floor-to-ceiling view of the serene sea of glimmering lights of the city.

Tanzini is nothing short of amazing in its food. Featuring an immense selection of flavours from its modern European Nordic menu, the food tasting evening's prologue is the Arugula Salad. A self-proclaimed staunch meat-eater, this reviewer found the salad to be a pleasant surprise because of how the Arugula's bitterness was a good divergent with the tangy sharp tomato confit, but the this writer would prefer without Gorgonzola Cheese as the richness of the chunky Italian blue cheese was a little too pungent for this cuisine.

The restaurant's take on the classic mushroom soup is sure to warm the hearts of any mushroom lovers out there. A great antipode to the previous sharp flavours of the salad dish, the Funghi-Infuse Clear Mushroom Consomme is positively a comfort food not to be missed. Blending in a generous amount of Shitake, Shimeji and cup mushroom together, the soup certainly kept a consistency of earthy flavours in its broth.

For seafood specialist, give a go on the Squid Ink Vongole.  A nod to its gourmet mantra in maintaining the ingredients fresh, Tanzini distinguishes itself through its delicacy preparation, in this case the spaghetti which are amalgamated with squid ink is homemade directly from the restaurant's kitchen. Adding in clams, cherry tomato to tantalise the taste buds, the dish is completed with a whoosh of white wine sauce.

Christmas must have come early as the Stuffed Chicken Breast was the next on the list. A mouth-watering flavourful cuisine, which is amazingly bundled up with plenty of surprise element inside, the dish is not all about the meat, but the company that it keeps. The mash potato made with truffle oil and Ricotta was a nice contrast to the greens of the Europe imported jumbo asparagus and blended spinach. To complete this beautiful meal, the chicken breast was sous vide to perfection.

The evening's experience would not be complete without some desserts, but the Salted Egg Cannoli was not the perfect closure for this writer. For novelty gastronomist that do not have a sweet tooth and wants something new, should try this, however, the cannoli filled with savoury salted egg cream was a little too overpowered by the musty cheese and adding the wild berry and caramelized palm sugar was also overwhelming. Nevertheless, do not let my opinion cloud your judgement on the delicacy, it might just be something you fancy.

Make your dining experience an unforgettable one with Tanzini, the restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.  Please contact the establishment at 03-2168 1899 for reservations and visit http://www.tanzini.com.my for more information.

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