Tauke's Rejoice: Best Used Executive Car

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Tauke's Rejoice: Best Used Executive Car

Ahhh, the D-Segment. The segment that people look at when they have either made some dosh, need a big car to haul the family around or simply the need of a large car to inform people that they are a 'tauke'. But what is a D-Segment vehicle though? 

Generally, A D-Segment vehicle is a large passenger car, not to be mistaken with those extra-large cars like the S-Class or 7-Series. Some even call them executive cars, why? Because manufacturers actually created these cars in the hope to sell them to successful professionals and middle-to-senior managers.

Now that is out of the way, let's talk about the fun stuff because we want to look at some great and affordable used D-Segment cars. Every time we do this, even a slight mention of a European car would cause a conversation about how they are high in maintenance, expensive parts, unreliable and so on, but hey, there are some people out there who are willing to put up with it because they look beyond that and want a great car.


Toyota Camry Hybrid (RM85k-100k)

The Toyota Camry is one of the most loved cars around the world. When you want to look for a reliable and comfortable family car, it's hard to beat the Camry. A penny pincher special, the regular Camry is still one of the best D-Segment cars around, but for us, it has to be the Toyota Camry Hybrid as it ticks all the boxes plus this model comes with lots of speed. When the 2.5-litre engine works in tandem with the electric engine, the car can produce over 200hp. The combustion engine produces 213Nm of torque while the electric motor can produce 270Nm - so you do the math on how much pull this car has. 

Volkswagen Passat (RM82k- 99k)

If you want an affordable technologically advanced D-Segment vehicle, the Passat is the one to look at. The Passat's 1.8-litre turbocharged engine can produce a respectable 170hp, but the 250Nm torque figure is where the fun is at. Yes, the car is not the smoothest, but its stiff yet compliant suspension setup makes the car feel like you are driving on rails. The refined DSG gearbox is also what gives it an edge over the rest. The Passat as a used vehicle is also value for money because at this price range you can get a 3-year-old car as well as the latest generation. 

Honda Accord (RM80k- 96k)

Just like the Camry, the Honda Accord is adored worldwide, and we know why. With its plush interior and attractive exterior, it's really not hard to see why the Accord is the go-to choice for most. The ride is smooth and the engine never really feels overwhelmed - even the 2.0-litre is quite decent. The choices for the 9th generation Accord is plenty. It's also one of the nicest Accords that we have driven. It just floats around without any drama, and cruises effortlesly. The suspension setup which balances comfort and good handling is really on point for this generation.

BMW 5-Series (RM87k - 100k)

If German luxury is what you want, then the BMW 5-series will be the best proposition. It feels spacious, solidly built and has that BMW magic where they hit the sweet spot between comfort and sportiness. At this price point however, you are limited to the previous generation 5-Series and most of the models will be the 520i. But don't let the model numbers fool you, because this German car can still kick out 180hp and 270Nm of torque. For those who are looking for a bit more thrill, there is the 520d (diesel engine) which has 188hp and 400Nm of torque. It's also worth mentioning the 520d is also much more economical than the 520i, as the diesel engine likes to sip fuel instead of gulping it.

So there you have it tauke's or soon-to-be tauke's. Take your pick and cruise in style. 







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