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The 2017 Alfa Romeo Super Bowl Ad - Goosebumps Guaranteed

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The 2017 Alfa Romeo Super Bowl Ad  - Goosebumps Guaranteed

What happens when you combine one of motoring’s most passionate and illustrious brands with one of sporting’s biggest events – an epic bit of storytelling, guaranteed to stand the hairs on the back of your neck. Titled Riding Dragons – Alfa Romeo’s 2017 Super Bowl ad details the passion, character and the ability to reinvent one’s self in the face of adversity.

Just before, Alfa Romeo’s latest superstar, the Giulia, lights up the screen.

Riding Dragons tells us that no dream is too big, that brute strength is nothing without grace and when it comes to achieving your dreams - believing in yourself and being fearless, allows you to boldly, ‘ride on the backs of dragons’.  

Televised in over 150 countries, the NFL Super Bowl is one of sporting biggest events, (the 2017) Super Bowl 51 sees the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons – which drew to a close just moments ago. The New England Patriots came from behind, scoring a thrilling 25 points within the fourth quarter and overtime to win their fifth title with a final score 34 to the Falcon’s 28.

A fitting testament then, to the fighting spirit and grit of one of motoring’s most storied, storytellers. 


A second video starring the Giulia, has also been released in concurrence with Super Bowl 51 - titled 'Dear Predictable', which goes on to challenge the norms of our daily convention. Why? Because the Alfa Romeo Giulia is anything but ordinary, it stirs the soul, excites the senses and delivers a permanent escape from monotony.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia says goodbye to “Predictable.” A common emotion, according to Alfa Romeo, that comes from driving any other luxury sedan.

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