The Honda Project 2&4 Is The Perfect Rival To The Ariel Atom

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The Honda Project 2&4 Is The Perfect Rival To The Ariel Atom

Honda makes cars and motorcycles. When put together, the result is this, the Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V.

This open-cockpit car gets its radical design from Honda’s motorcycle design studio in Asaka where it stood out from the 80 designers and creators that participated in Honda’s resident ‘Global Design Project' competition. Designed in collaboration with the automobile design studio in Wako, the end result certainly deserves to be called a winner.

With inspiration taken from Honda’s entrant in the 1965 Formula One season, the legendary RA272, Project 2&4 measures 3,040mm in length, 1,820mm in width, and 995mm in height. It is also light, tipping the scales at just 405kg. The car’s structure is well exposed, revealing the core frame and the functional components of the car.

From the car’s profile, you’ll spot another interesting aspect of the Project 2&4, its ‘floating seat’ design that “places the driver as close to the action as possible.” Then there's that heads-up display straight out of sci-fi movie, delivering important information to the driver via a translucent screen.

The motorcycle aspect of the Project 2&4 is the mid-mounted engine, a 999cc V4 four-stroke unit (taken from the RC213V road going bike) developed for the world-class MotoGP motorcycle racing series but has now been tuned for use on public roads. That means a peak power output of over 215 PS at 13,000 rpm, while peak torque of over 118 Nm is delivered at 10,500 rpm. A six-speed DCT gearbox serves as the car’s transmission.

The Honda Project 2&4 will make its debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show and should steal away fans of the famous Ariel Atom. Honda should seriously consider putting this into production.

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