The New Golf's Climate Control Is A Smart little Thing

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The New Golf's Climate Control Is A Smart little Thing

We really can't wait for the new Golf (Mk8) to arrive in Malaysia. Not only does it have a new sleek body with some alluring squinty eyes (headlights), but it also comes with Volkswagen's new retro-looking 2D badge and a host of technological goodies.

One of those tech goodies is the new "Air Care Climatronic", also dubbed by VW as the Intelligent Climate Control. It responds to voice controls such as "Warm feet, I'm cold, Clear view" and many more. 

Volkswagen has identified five frequently used scenarios and transferred them to the Smart Climate menu. The functions are "Clear view" (demist windows), "Warm feet" (warmer air to the footwell), "Warm hands" (warmer air via the vents of the dash panel), "Cool feet" (colder air into the footwell) and "Fresh air" (cool breeze flows through the vehicle interior). 

The clever thing here is that the Smart Climate functions are always only activated temporarily – they briefly enhance current well-being before reverting to the previously active settings of the automatic air conditioner.

We could ramble on more about this, but we think it's best to show a video of how it works. Visually, it looks more impressive.


The Golf is one of Malaysia's favourite cars. Although the Mk8 has been launched in Germany and the UK, it might be a while until we see it in Malaysia. Oh well, we'll have enough time to save up for the car then.

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