The Proton X50 Now Has A Wireless Charger Option

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The Proton X50 Now Has A Wireless Charger Option

Too lazy to carry a charging cable for your phone? Proton has the answer for you.

We'll be the first to admit that when we first heard that the Proton X50 was getting a wireless charger, two things crossed our minds: when did the Proton X50 become a PHEV, and how did Proton develop wireless charging technology so quickly when other automakers still haven't rolled it out to market? Of course the more sensible explanation is that the wireless charger is of the Qi type, for smart devices.

The Proton X50 Now Has A Wireless Charger Option Installed

Yes, the Proton X50 is now offered with an optional Qi system with 10 watts of output. How much does it cost? Just RM 450 - probably the same as a Belkin unit you could find outside. The charging unit installs in the storage space below the climate controls and connects directly to the 12-volt power socket - a pretty neat solution.

The Proton X50 Now Has A Wireless Charger Option Features

It's one of the first standalone items for the Proton X50, which is rare even among other models in our market. The unit comes with a one-year warranty and can be installed in any version of the X50, whether you're opting for the entry level variant or the range topping direct-injection model.

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