The Proton X50's Booking Numbers Are Causing A Stir


The Proton X50's Booking Numbers Are Causing A Stir

The 2020 Proton X50 has created what people term a "good problem" for Proton.

Without a doubt, all these teasing, updates and recent information about the Proton X50 is just adding fuel to an already intense burning fire and if you've just made your mind up and would like to pull the trigger on making a booking for the much-anticipated SUV, this little bit of information might be useful to you.

Proton X50

According to various sources, the booking numbers of the Proton X50 has entered the 20,000 territory. That's quite a phenomenal number for a car that doesn't even have a price just yet.

Most customers will not receive their Proton X50's before the end of 2020 but will still qualify for the SST exemption. In cases like these, the SST exemption should be tied down to the invoice date of the vehicle. The invoice date will typically follow after successful booking, loan application, and downpayment processes are completed. 

Despite some reporting otherwise, Proton has not till today extended the SST exemption period for the Proton X50 on their own accord. There have been rumours that the government may do so but until time of publication, we do not have confirmation. 

Proton X50 assembly line

Now, Proton has previously said that they are able to produce 8000 units of the car at their Tanjung Malim plant by the end of the year. They have added another 1000 to that number which will put some smiles on the lucky owners of these 9000 units.

We're not saying that the cars that will be delivered next year will be any less good than the first 9000 units, but Proton will want to start strong and on the right foot with these first batch of orders. After all, it will set the tone of future sales. Many are adopting the wait and see approach, so there is a potential of RM millions to be made or lost for Proton.   

Proton manufacturing

Proton did a good job with the X70 with little major complaints about it, but the X50 will be Proton's biggest test to date. The X70 sold up to 27,000 units in a year, and with the 19,000 bookings already made for the X50, only Raja Bomoh knows how much of it will be sold in 12 months' time.

With this monumentally good problem at hand, Proton will also want to use this wave of positive sentiment to further cement their hold as a vehicle maker of unrivaled value, be it of local or foreign makes. This must also serve to further elevate the standard of Malaysia's automotive industry within Asean, we are overdue a more prominent position in the region.   

Proton X50 interior

We still reckon the 9000 unit number is a conservative one, it is probably a number that Proton is comfortable with in terms of giving the best possible start to the X50 in terms of quality. 

The Proton X50 will be remembered as either the car that put Proton back on the map or the car of unfulfilled potential. We hope it's the former, after all, Proton does plan to export the X50 by the end of 2021 and Geely has said that they aim to sell 1 million Proton cars in the next 10 years. 

All the best Proton! 


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