The Worst Cars We Drove In 2020


The Worst Cars We Drove In 2020

Every automotive publication has its own list for its own Car of the Year, here at, we have it too - if you haven't, go vote at that link. However, have you noticed that no automotive portal in Malaysia will list their worst cars of the year? We want to fix that this year!

COVID-19, economic slump, anxiety over job security, travel restrictions - many people we know would like to hit DEL on 2020 but on the flip side have we not become more resilient, cautious, adaptable, brave, and thankful both as individuals and as a society - the pandemic made us stronger, and that I think may be the silver lining of 2020. 

2020 also gave us a whole host of good cars which you can vote on -'s Editor Choice will ensue later in January. 

But what about the not-so-good cars, the underwhelming cars, the cars that you might struggle to find a redeeming quality for? Where's the list for that? 

Hence, in that spirit, we're going to try something new this last day of the year, we're going to give the power to you, our loyal and not-so-loyal bunch of readers, you've read and listened to us all year - it's our turn to hear what you think is the Worst Cars of 2020. 

So go on and sound off in the comments about what you think were the Worst Cars of 2020.

We'll call it's Limau (that's Lemon in BM for the uninformed) Awards and it kicks-off now! 




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