This Is A Steering Wheel And It Has A Name – Meet Sayer Jaguar

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This Is A Steering Wheel And It Has A Name – Meet Sayer Jaguar

This odd looking contraption is Jaguar’s vision for a car steering wheel in a future where cars drive by themselves and people sign-up for car sharing services rather than owning any particular car.

This then, according to Jaguar, is the only part of the car that consumers of the future will own. Unlike today’s steering wheel, this doesn’t steer the car at all (remember that cars are supposed to drive themselves by then). Instead, this Artifical Intelligence (AI) enhanced component sits in your home or office and summons the car for you on-demand.

To be unveiled at the Tech Fest event on 7 September at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, the AI-enabled steering wheel goes by the name Sayer.

Jaguar’s own press release describes Sayer as:

This steering wheel concept lives in your home and becomes your trusted companion. Sayer is the first voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) steering wheel that will be able to carry out hundreds of tasks. Sayer could signal your membership of our on-demand service club. A club which offers either sole ownership or the option of sharing the car with others in your community.

Imagine a future of autonomous, connected and electric cars where you don’t own a single car, but instead call upon the vehicle of your choice where and when you need it. That’s a future vision Jaguar Land Rover is exploring with Sayer, the connected steering wheel that could be the only part of the car you own.

Need to be at a meeting two hours away from home by 8am tomorrow? Simply ask Sayer from the comfort of your living room and it will work out when you get up, when a car needs to autonomously arrive at your door and even advise which parts of the journey you might enjoy driving yourself.

Sayer will be featured on a Jaguar’s upcoming concept car, the Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE.

The AI-enabled steering wheel’s Sayer name is an acknowledgement to the contribution of Malcolm Sayer, a prominent designer who worked for the British marque between 1951 and 1970. Sayer was credited for designing many legendary Jaguar models, including the E-Type and D-Type.  

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