This Is The New Volkswagen Logo – Marks The Start Of The Electric Era

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This Is The New Volkswagen Logo – Marks The Start Of The Electric Era

In addition to the Volkswagen ID.3, which in itself heralds a new era of full-electric vehicles for the company, Volkswagen also premiered its “New Volkswagen“ logo and brand design at the ongoing 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

In line with its new core values: electric, fully connected, and neutral carbon balance, the new brand design officiates a uniform global 360-degree brand experience which is more modern and authentic.

Jürgen Stackmann, Board Member for Sales, Marketing, and After-Sales added, "The new brand design marks the start of the new era for Volkswagen, By formulating new content and with new products, the brand is undergoing a fundamental transformation towards a future with a neutral emission balance for everyone. Now is the right time to make the new attitude of our brand visible to the outside world.”

The new logo is reduced to its essential elements and presented with a new design that is flat and two-dimensional. It will allow more flexible use and more recognisability in digital media.

To date, the logo has been blue and white. A new blue tone is now being added, allowing additional color variants. As the digital application with simple, user-friendly interfaces has become extremely important, the logo will be positioned flexibly with the new “moving frame” in the future.

The new brand design marks the beginning of a mammoth rebranding campaign for Volkswagen which is claimed to be very different from that of the past – it will be bolder and more colorful. The focus will be on people.

As in the case of the vehicle, light will also play a key role in communications. Light will be the new chromium. In the future, the logo will be illuminated, on the vehicle, at the brand locations, and at the dealerships.

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