Tokyo 2015: Mazda’s RX-Vision Concept Keeps Our Rotary Engine Dreams Alive

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Tokyo 2015: Mazda’s RX-Vision Concept Keeps Our Rotary Engine Dreams Alive

Lots happening at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and just as they have teased previously, Mazda unveiled a curvaceous coupe that sports a much-awaited next-generation rotary engine. 

According to them, that engine – which they have dubbed SkyActiv-R -  is the symbol of the company’s “never-stop-challenging” spirit. To fans, we love it for many other reasons. Hopefully, the phrase rings to their ear as “never-stop-making.”

But the thing is, Mazda says that the RX-Vision Concept is merely a vision that it one day hopes to bring make. So while the RX-8’s successor (a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car with KODO design proportions) may well be forthcoming, the jury is still out as to whether the RX-Vision Concept is actually it.

It is a lovely coupe, though. It definitely evokes plenty more of the RX-7 than its immediate predecessor. Impossibly low-slung and with a hood so long the pedestrians you crash into can sleep on it all the way to the hospital.

Details are rather scant at the moment, such as performance figures, engine technology, and body materials. Hopefully Mazda will come to reveal the soon enough.

An interesting point of note: In the interior shots of the car, the gear lever does look like it could be a manual but upon closer inspection there doesn’t seem to be a third pedal. Of course, Mazda could be preparing a special double-clutch transmission for its next RX model. But hopefully they’ll include a good old manual shifter too. 

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