Tokyo 2017: The Toyota Tj Cruiser Mixes SUV and MPV

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Tokyo 2017: The Toyota Tj Cruiser Mixes SUV and MPV

You may have come to terms with compact crossovers, but are you ready for this? It's the Tj Cruiser, and it's Toyota's take on an MPV-SUV crossover. If you ever wanted something (that seems) rugged but didn't want to have to compromise on the carrying capacity of an MPV, then this car may be for you.

Don't expect to see this sold outside of Japan. That's a shame, because a car like the Tj Cruiser may be just what the market needs in, well, markets with less forgiving conditions. The boxy design works well in this form, accentuating the van-like nature and giving it a utilitarian image. 

And yet the interior and subtle touches show that it will likely be a premium lifestyle product, in the same way the FJ Cruiser isn't the car of choice for actual workhorse duties. The T in Tj Cruiser stands for 'toolbox', while the j stands for 'joy'- another very Japanese quirk, but something we can appreciate.

Its large sliding doors and flat-folding floors means it can be extremely useful in a variety of situations, from cargo carrying to people carrying. It's a great blend of practicality and style, and we really hope that an export variant is eventually developed. Toyota says it will likely run on a 2.0-litre engine with a hybrid system working in tandem, and it will probably sit on the TNGA platform.


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