Top Five Hacks To Keep Your Car Cool In This Malaysian Heat


Top Five Hacks To Keep Your Car Cool In This Malaysian Heat

Five hacks to keep your car cool in this Malaysian heat!

Malaysia's Meteorological Department has just announced that we are expected to experience much hotter weather due to the Southwest Monsoon. 

The hotter and drier climate is expected to last until mid-September according to MetMalaysia, but they do not expect any heatwaves to occur.

Saying that however, the heat will still be unbearable for most, with temperatures soaring up to 35 degrees Celsius on most days.  

With this in mind, we explore five hacks on how to keep your car cool during this hot period.

Car Window Shade

1. Use a window sunshade

Using a sunshade is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep your car cabin cooler when parked outside. Put up a window sunshade every time you park your car, and we're pretty sure you will come back to a much cooler car. Of course, you can try to keep it even cooler by putting a sunshade in your rear window too. Thanks to Mr DIY and Shopee, these sunshades can be bought cheaply and quickly.

Parking in the shade

2. Park in the shadow

The most effective way to keep your car cool is to keep your car in the shade. We know it's not easy to find shade especially in an open car park, but if there is, it's a bonus for you and your car.

If an open car park is near a building and you know where the shadow of the building will be at a particular time, this will be an advantage. Even if the air in your car stays warm, the shade from the shadows will reduce the intensity. At the very least it will not make you feel like you are driving in an oven.

Car window open

3. Crack a window open

This age-old trick will help dispel hot air from the cabin quickly. By opening all the windows as you drive off, you dispel hot air from the cabin and substitute it with cooler fresh air from the outside. 

The best way to do this is to open all the windows as you drive off, then drive around 10-15km/h and take 90 degree turns as much as you can. The inertia when turning will push hot air out to one side and suck fresh air in from the other side.

3m car window tint

4. Install good quality window tints

Window tints are an effective way of keeping a parked car cool. Good quality tints are designed to allow for a good amount of light to pass while blocking out the sun's thermal rays. 

Contrary to popular belief, just because the tints are dark does not mean they will keep out the heat. A good quality tint that is not dark will be more effective at keeping the heat at bay, so make sure you invest in good quality tints from reputable manufacturers. Good window tints also cut down on the sun's harmful UV rays, which can really damage the car's interior.

5. Try a solar-powered ventilation fan

The solar-powered ventilation fan is the latest innovation that promises to keep car cabins cooler.    

The fan is attached to the inside of one of your rolled-up windows and has an outward-facing solar panel that harnesses the sun's natural energy. The fan sucks out the hot air from inside of the car and pushes it outside.

We only recommend this for cars that are equipped with visors and parked in a secure open car park. The visors will ensure that water from rain will not seep into the car.

If all else fails, you can always try the below method!



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