Toyota Adds Royal Lounge Variants To Alphard/Vellfire Range – Two-Row Seats Business Class Van

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Toyota Adds Royal Lounge Variants To Alphard/Vellfire Range – Two-Row Seats Business Class Van

The regular Toyota Alphard/Vellfire twins come with three-row seats, with either seven- or eight-seater configurations. Toyota has recently added two new accessories packages called the Royal Lounge and Royal Lounge SP, which converts a regular three-row seat Alphard/Vellfire Executive Lounge’s cabin into a two-row seat only cabin that resembles a Business Class cabin of an airplane.

Now that the vehicle has been converted into a four-seater, the two power-operated rear seats can be reclined fully into a flat bed, just like those Business Class seats on airplanes. And yes, they do come with a massager function, reading lights and you can adjust the seats in many different ways in a similar manner as you would while flying business class – albeit with a touch screen rather than a control pad.

The area vacated by the second row seats have been taken up by a refrigerator, magazine rack, and an entertainment system that included a 24-inch flat screen TV and JBL audio system.

The Royal Lounge SP variant adds a privacy glass whose opacity can be electrically adjusted to three levels – fully transparent, semi-transparent, and maximum opacity.

Curiously, the Royal Lounge and Royal Lounge SP variants are not listed on Toyota’s Japanese website. Instead, the models are parked under Toyota’s accessories brand Modellista’s website.

Prices in Japan start from 13.8 million Yen for the Royal Lounge and 15 million Yen for the Royal Lounge SP. That’s more than two times more expensive than the highest specifications Vellfire Hybrid Executive Lounge (7 million Yen)!

UMW Toyota has yet to introduce the all-new Toyota Alphard, but you can get its sportier twin, the all-new Toyota Vellfire from grey importers from RM568,000.  



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