Toyota: Back To The Future’s Mr. Fusion Is Already Here

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Toyota: Back To The Future’s Mr. Fusion Is Already Here

October 2015 is not only the 119th anniversary of the world’s first motorised truck, but it is also the month where the second part of the Back to the Future trilogy was centred around.

For those of who didn’t grew up in the ’80s, here’s brief recap of the movie. The second chapter of the Back to the Future trilogy sees Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly traveling 30 years into the future - from 23-October 1985 to 21-October 2015 - using a modified version of the nuclear-powered electric Delorean DMC 12 seen in the first chapter of the movie.

Having travelled into the future earlier, Doc Emmett Brown made a few conversions for his time travelling Delorean DMC 12 using technology available in 2015 – giving the DeLorean a ‘hover’ conversion, and installed Mr Fusion – a funky eco-friendly device that turns garbage into energy, replacing the Delorean’s original plutonium power source.

Today 21-October is the day that the fictional film was set at. While we didn’t have hoverboards (which by the way, Lexus did try to replicate), flying cars, flying Citroen DS taxis, or robotic arms that fuel our cars, we do have however have Mr. Fusion – sort of.

While the Toyota Mirai might not have a flux capacitor and can’t travel through time, or even, it can run on energy generated from garbage, just like Doc Emmett Brown’s Mk2 DeLorean.

Watch the video below. This short 5 minutes clip is full of ‘easter egg’ hidden messages that pay homage to the original movie. Fans of the movie will certainly be able to pick up the subtle hints in the dialogue, returning casts (including Einstein the dog), shooting locations and props used.

The Toyota Tacoma used in the Mirai video is also painted in the same livery as the Toyota Hilux used in the movie.

Steven Spielberg’s Back to the Future is one of the most important cultural icons of the ‘80s. The three beautifully shot video below tells a story of how the movie had influenced these three car enthusiasts.

And here's more Back to the Future goodies. Looks like it's time to dig out the DVD from my collection.

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