Toyota Malaysia Teases All-New Camry, More Details This Thursday

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Toyota Malaysia Teases All-New Camry, More Details This Thursday

The all-new Toyota Camry will be launching in Malaysia as soon as the end of this week, as the company’s website has posted a teaser of the new flagship sedan.

Set to be introduced on 1 November, the website also added a link for interested readers to register their interest for the all-new model.

Based on the teaser image, it appears that the Malaysian market model will have the standard bumper design, as seen in the Japan model, as opposed to the sporty variant in the U.S.A that features a mesh grille.

The all-new Toyota Camry was only offered as a Hybrid model in Japan

No other accompanying information has been included in the landing pages. A key feature in the all-new Camry is the company's new platform, dubbed TNGA. By adopting the new TNGA platform, the all-new Camry is said to have a low centre of gravity, a rigid body structure, responsive steering and suspension system. 

Coincidently, our neighbours up north in Thailand will be launching their all-new Toyota Camry this evening, as their local Toyota distributor has placed a countdown in the model’s website.    

Siew Weng

Siew Weng

Weng loves the technical bits of the automobile, and even more fascinated on the reasons the designer created the crease or fold, as well as innovative use of existing systems to execute new features. Prior to being in the content creation field, Weng was part of the product life cycle management team for a few automotive brands.



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