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Toyota Prius Hybrid Taxi Travels A Million Kilometres With Original Battery

Jim Kem July 20, 2015 12:18

Hybrid cars are so prevalent these days that you’d think that most of the concerns surrounding their viability have been quelled. But for those still on the fence about the longevity of hybrids should take heed from hybrid taxis, and one such example has just driven over one million kilometres. 

That’s an astonishing number, by any measure. More so when you factor in the harsher driving conditions and less-than-ideal operating stretches that taxis are subject to.

Many cities around the world are turning to hybrid taxis as a measure to save fuel as well as reduce overall carbon dioxide levels and operating costs, leading to an inadvertent long-term test.

The million-kilometre taxi belongs to an Austrian taxi driver by the name of Manfred Dvorak, who drives a Toyota Prius, all on the car’s original battery pack.

Manfred even claims that the car has never broken down. To document the feat, Toyota Austria made a series of videos about it. Two mechanics who inspected the Prius also said how surprised they were at how well the car has held up over that duration, needing a minial amount of work aside from regular maintenance. 

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