Toyota Releases Gundam-themed Auris For Japan –Limited To 300 Units

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Toyota Releases Gundam-themed Auris For Japan –Limited To 300 Units

Toyota has released another limited edition Mobile Suit Gundam-themed version of its Toyota Auris for the Japanese market. 

This is the second time Toyota has collaborated with Bandai to produce a Gundam-themed Toyota, the first was done in 2013, also on the current generation Auris.

Compared to the previous exercise, the second Gundam-themed Auris - known as the Zeonic Toyota Auris - wears a far more aggressive styling and even comes with a racing-style semi bucket front seats.

The powertrain remains unchanged. There are three engine options – 1.2-litre turbo petrol, normally aspirated 1.5-litre and 1.8-litre petrol. All engines are paired to a CVT.

Prices start from 3.22 million Yen for the 1.5-litre 150X S variant, to 3.71 million Yen for the 1.2-litre 120T variant. The Zeonic Toyota Auris is only limited to 300 units, and is only available in Japan.

Here is what a regular Toyota Auris looks like.



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