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Trapped Between A Bus and A Volkswagen - This Perodua Stood No Chance

Hans October 17, 2015 00:23

Amazingly there were no fatalities in this terrible accident that happened at the Juru toll plaza in Bukit Mertajam yesterday evening.

The circumstances behind the accident remain unclear but what is certain is that the bus had hit a Perodua Myvi from the rear, crushing it between a Volkswagen Polo Sedan ahead.

Reports from several news dailies indicated that the occupants in the Perodua, two adult males, were pulled out of the wreckage with some injuries. Amazingly, there were no fatalities reported.

Looking at the picture above, clearly the Volkswagen was also subjected to a very severe impact and was pushed against another vehicle in front of it but crucially, its cabin remained intact with hardly any deformation on its A-pillars and doors.

Volkswagen may have received some bad press lately, but we have to credit them for maintaining a top-notch construction even on their cheapest entry-level Polo Sedan.

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