Veloster N Sales In South Korea Exceeds Hyundai's Expectations

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Veloster N Sales In South Korea Exceeds Hyundai's Expectations

Built in an effort to showcase Hyundai’s technological prowess, the Veloster N coupe’s sales figures in the South Korean market have surpassed the company’s expectations.

According to a report by the Korean Herald, Hyundai has sold 1,007 units of the Veloster N since the model made its debut in South Korea in June, surprising Hyundai itself.

The report says that Hyundai didn’t even announce the sales target for the Veloster N when it was launched as the company’s aim was to make its presence known in the performance car arena, more than to sell the car in large volume.

Going against the likes of the Honda Civic Type R, Volkswagen Golf R, The Ford Focus ST, as well as the Renault Megane RS, the Veloster N is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine which produces up to 275 hp and 352 Nm of torque. Paired to the engine is a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The Veloster N also features Hyundai’s ‘N Power Sense Axle’, which features a zero-scrub radius for quicker response, more precise steering inputs, and a more direct feel. The suspension setup is electronically-controlled to reduce nose-dip during hard braking and body control during cornering.

Priced from 29 million won in South Korea, Hyundai said that one of the factors that contributed towards the Veloster N’s success is its selling price, which is significantly lower than most of its rivals which are priced around 40 million won.  

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