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VIDEO: 7 Minutes That Will Make You Want A Volvo, Now

Chris Aaron March 13, 2015 11:30

Volvo Car Malaysia has just shared a very insightful video on its Facebook page. In just seven minutes, the clip takes you through the brand’s founding moments, to the monumental influence it is today in the automotive industry.

In Malaysia, it’s a bit unfortunate that an esteemed brand like Volvo doesn’t get around as much. Yes, they’re a bit more expensive for the good majority of us to afford, but that isn’t typically a fault of Volvo, is it? Anyways…

If you think it’s all about safety, well, you’re right. This video shows how Volvo begins everything with safety and environmental consciousness in mind. But who says you can’t be safe and environmentally friendly without a bucket-load of power and sex appeal? Take for example the car pictured above. Pretty darn sexy, wouldn't you say? Yes, it's a concept for now, but we understand that Volvo's next S90, which replaces the S80, will come of this. You've already seen the styling too on the all-new XC90 - Thor's hammer for headlamps, that grille design, and more.

Never mind what we can tell you. We’ll just let the makers of a triple-turbo four-pot pushing 450hp fill you in on every reason why you’d want a Volvo in seven minutes.

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