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VIDEO: All-New 2015 Toyota Hilux Teased Again For Thailand In New Clip

Jim Kem May 11, 2015 14:59

Through our sister site Autospinn of Thailand, we've gotten wind of a video that has been posted online teasing the highly anticipated Hilux Revo that will be hitting Thai markets very soon, and possibly making its way to Malaysian showrooms shortly after as well. It gives us a clear look at some of the features that sets it apart from its siblings in the range, specifically those headlights.

The much anticipated Hilux Revo will likely sit at the very top of Toyota’s pick-up truck range, offering premium features and added comfort. The teaser itself is laced with sci-fi graphics before we are presented with an imposing head-on silhouette of the pick-up in question. This is followed by some glimpses of the new headlamp array which looks to be a LED projector setup that is flanked by LED daytime running lights.

Also gleaned from the short video, and as we've mentioned before, there will be a series of events and unveils scheduled to take place across Thailand between May 22 and 24. While we can guess that that is the timeframe to which the Hilux Revo will make its grand entrance, exactly what hoopla that will surround the main launch still uncertain.

Toyota says the Hilux Revo will “revolutionize all aspects of the truck”. While that has a whiff of overstatement to it, we are still excited to see what the range-topper has up its sleeve. 


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