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VIDEO: All-New Audi R8 Caught On Track With Howling V10

Jim Kem February 23, 2015 15:08

Audi is rightly bullish about its new R8 retaining the naturally-aspirated engine of its predecessors while its competitors are looking at lower capacities and turbochargers in their new iterations, so much so that its released a video of the new range-topping 610 hp V10 Plus model being driven in a manner that’s “good for video” by Nurburgring 24 Hour winner Frank Stippler and in doing so, demonstrating the V10’s full vocal capacity.

In his German way, Heinz Hollerweger, Managing Director of Quattro GmbH, explains the goals his team undertook when developing the new R8. Bringing experience gained from Audi’s motorsports division and infusing that with the best aspects of the first-generation model. He waxes on about the flat profile and aerodynamic front, punctuated by aggressive angular lines throughout. Its a little difficult to appreciate how different this new version is until we can see it without the camouflage covering the unit in the video, but I’m sure Mr Hollerweger isn’t kidding around.  

The electric power steering system is sure to make some purists mourn the loss of hydraulic power steering all over again, possibly being a trade-off made to retain the naturally-aspirated engine under new emission regulations.

The soundtrack has always been a defining feature of the R8 all the way back its 4.2 V8-engined first generation model, and its an especially welcome differentiating factor in today’s sports car market.

The full unveil will take place during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show where some have speculated on Audi adding a surprise all-electric or hybrid model to the new R8 lineup.


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