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VIDEO: Aston Martin’s Tyre-Shredding Tribute To Bond’s Latest Ride, The DB10

Jim Kem September 14, 2015 13:55

Think of 'Bond cars' and you’ll immediately picture a single or a variety of Aston Martins. This time around, the British sports car marque has elected to smoke some tyres in their DB10 the ramp-up to the the latest instalment in the film series: Spectre.

We’re fond of Aston Martins being the car of choice for espionage extraordinaire James Bond, and in case you’re not yet aware, the new movie is due out this November with Daniel Craig in the title role, and helmed by returning director Sam Mendes.

We’ve been fortunate to have been given many brief peeks at this bespoke vehicle – Aston won’t be putting the DB10 on sale. Shame, given how good it looks and how evocative its V8 engine sounds.

In the video titled “Built For Bond”, a talented stunt driver puts the DB10 through its paces, throwing it around with practiced accuracy to skid into view tyremarks that make up ‘007’, Bond’s MI6 code number.

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