VIDEO: Car Collector Reminds Us Why We Love Cars


VIDEO: Car Collector Reminds Us Why We Love Cars

As intoxicating as they are, it’s easily difficult sometimes to remember that there’s more than one way to appreciate a car.

For a good majority of us, it’s about how fast it all is: the century sprints, burnouts, open-highways with the air in your face. There’s no better way than to put it, really: cars are largely a business of speed-induced intoxication.

Ever so rarely, though, we come across these gentle reminders that there’s so much more depth to this all. A deeper relationship, if you will, with memories, with people who give them to you, with people who ride along with you, of times, of places, of people.

It’s not always about driving the open roads, or in beautiful country-side roads. I mean, you could be stuck in traffic in Bangkok, and enjoy it just as much,” says Sittisan Quan Sundaravej of being in his Mercedes-Benz W113 230 SL Pagoda. Sittisan is a car collector in Thailand, who we believe to do what he does for all the right reasons.

This clip you’re about to see is about Sittisan’s cars, yes, but more so about his immense relationships with them, his reasons for being a car collector, and how one car even keeps his late father close to him, despite being just a car. There’s also a very pretty Mercedes-Benz Pagoda featured in this clip, with a few brief moments of a gorgeous BMW E9 popping up.

Do treat yourself a reminder of why cars are more than just cars, by watching this.

Thanks to /DRIVE for sharing the video

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