Video: CNY Road Safety Tips From Proton Staff

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Video: CNY Road Safety Tips From Proton Staff

The festive period is when many of us hit the roads on our journey to reconnect with our loved ones back in the hometown. Tragically, it is also the time of the year when accident numbers tend to peak due to the sheer volume of traffic ploughing our roads.

Ahead of this year’s Chinese New Year break, the staffs at Proton have put together a short video giving simple road safety tips for motorists. Filmed within the confines of Proton’s own oval test track, the video features five Proton personnel from different department each taking turn offering simple guidance on safe driving practices.

As with most road safety advisories, the advice contained within the video are largely common sense, but they are worth repeating.

  1. Check your tyres
  2. Service or inspect your vehicle ahead of your long journey
  3. Get into a good seating position
  4. Rest well before the journey
  5. Follow traffic rules

Points 3 to 5 are applicable during the journey, but 1 & 2 are part of the preparation process. Have you checked the condition of your car and its tyres ahead of your upcoming trip?



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