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VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Goes Airborne For Over 122 Metres At 241+ KM/H

Gerard July 6, 2015 20:21

This incredible crash occurred at Round 4 of the 2015 CCR Forza Tifosi Challenge race at Road America and is a testament to the levels of safety technology that goes into modern supercars and race tracks of today.

The accident involved Jim Booth who was behind the wheel of the No. 13 Ferrari 458, and Steve Hill’s No. 33 Ferrari F430.

Coming down the straight down to Turn 5, both cars made contact which sent Booth’s Ferrari flying for over 122m in the air before slamming into the outside wall of the track at speeds of around 241 km/h, destroying a section of the catch fence in the process before spinning to a stop.

As you can tell from the video, the car is absolutely wrecked with parts of it scattered all over the traffic.

Miraculously, Booth merely walks away from the devastating crash unharmed and the same can be said about the other drivers, spectators, and track personnel.

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