VIDEO: Handicap Parking Abuser Humiliated By Laughing Crowd, Paper-Covered Car

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VIDEO: Handicap Parking Abuser Humiliated By Laughing Crowd, Paper-Covered Car

In Brazil, it seems, people take shaming those who inconsiderate drivers who illegally park in handicap spots to another level. There, they stick what looks to be blue and white Post-It notes all over the wrongdoer’s car, as evidenced by this video making the rounds on social media.

The whole set-up is part of a gag by local Brazilian prank channel Canal Boom. And when a car was found parking in a handicap spot, their team went to work pasting on the sticky pieces of paper one by one.

An educated guess about the prank’s premise is: Upon the owner’s return, they couldn’t drive away immediately. Since it’s a public area, the crowd would then proceed to boo, laugh, and taunt them until they eventually are forced to flee with their tail between their legs after having removed enough Post-Its to be able see out - and there are a lot of them.

In the video, the inconsiderate driver (victim?) who finds his car covered in paper clearly fails to see the humour in it and can’t wait to escape in his little hatchback after, of course, he is humiliated by the crowd and handed a fine by the police officer. Lesson learnt, we suppose.

Parking illegally in a disabled parking spot, there’s just no excuse good enough to justify such an action. Most of us scoff and sigh in disgust at the sight of such a selfish act. To curb this practice, perhaps we can employ a similar tactic here?

On a side note however, we do hope all that paper ended up being recycled. Enjoy the video below. 


Hoje cedo,no centro de Maringá kkkkE a zuera nunca acaba #Esse nunca mais estaciona em local proibido kkk

Posted by Renato Santos on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


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