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VIDEO: Hyundai Runs Its New Tucson Through Narrow Circuits Made Like Huge Sandcastles

Jim Kem October 16, 2015 10:01

When it comes to the world of cars, you wouldn’t think ‘SUV’ when the subject of handling or agility comes up. Perhaps you’d be more open to the concept when presented with a Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover Sport, but how about a Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai themselves wanted to do something about that disconnect and found a clever way to demonstrate how sharply they’ve gotten their new Tucson to handle - and show off some of its headlining features too. How? They’ve cleared out an runway in Hungary and constructed a series of three ‘sand circuits’ for it to drive though, the track only slightly wider than the car.

Should the driver make a mistake or the car isn’t quick enough to react, it’ll be quickly buried under a considerable amount of sand.

The challenge is made even more arduous when the driver has to drive in one of the tracks which has little to no light inside, having to rely on the Tuscon’s “Static Bending Lights”. Next, the driver is then asked to drive through the third and final super-sandcastle circuit backwards, good thing for that rear view camera. 


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