VIDEO: Inconsiderate Driver Parks In Disabled Parking Spot, Claims No OKUs Use It

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VIDEO: Inconsiderate Driver Parks In Disabled Parking Spot, Claims No OKUs Use It

This video has been spreading on social media and it shows a driver of a Perodua Axia parking in a disabled spot before being confronted by a woman who also recorded this video.


What this dude replied, prove that he admit himself is a NOOB driver.

Posted by My Malaysia-என் மலேசியா on Friday, 10 July 2015

Upon exiting his vehicle, the woman confronts the young man nicely and asks why he parked in an OKU spot when it is clearly shown that he is not an OKU himself.

Instead of admitting the fault in his ways, the man attempts to defend himself, claiming that there are no OKUs that use the spots. The woman then tells the man that he is “bullying the OKUs” but the man denies it.

He then asks if the woman is here to prove a point and indirectly “dares” her to put it up on Facebook.

The point here is this, if you’re not a disabled driver (OKU), you should not park in spots which are dedicated to them. It doesn’t matter if no one ever uses them which this man clearly fails to understand.

We as responsible motorists should make it a point to tell off those who support this errant behaviour to spread awareness. Merely keeping quiet and shaking our heads does nothing if the person is not aware that what they are doing is robbing the rights of disabled persons. That’s why we say, kudos to the lady for doing so.



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