VIDEO: Is ‘Project CARS’ Worth The Wait, And The Money?


VIDEO: Is ‘Project CARS’ Worth The Wait, And The Money?

So… new racing title ‘Project Cars’ has recently made its way to Malaysia, and is finally available for your preferred gaming consoles or PCs in various stores.

For this particular writer, it’s the PlayStation 4 version that has my attention. Even more so because since moving on from the PS3, there just hasn’t been a racing simulator worthy of living up to the untouchable standards set by Gran Turismo 6 – The Real Racing Simulator.

Plainly, I want something realistic: a proper simulator, so to speak. And I’m sure many of you do too, craving for some real-life Nurburging action, and some arcadey frenzy like NFS: Rivals or the over-hyped Driveclub. I miss being able to play GT6 with my G27, but until Gran Turismo 7 comes along for the PS4, it looks like Project Cars will have to do.

Admittedly, it’s also no easy purchase. After only just securing Dying Light, spending another RM199 on a video game you can’t test for yourself beforehand is more of a gamble than I’d personally enjoy taking.

Which makes it rather fortunate then, that we’ve stumbled across this YouTube video. GameSpot has taken the trouble to ask a few real-life pro drivers what their impressions were of the promising video game.

After watching XCar’s “track-trained” drivers take on the PS4 preview of the game and a proper driving rig, I think I might be making a stop to the closest gaming store I can find, tonight.

There was definite promise to make Gran Turismo look a little bit like child’s play” – them fighting words!

Here’s the vid:

Here are some screenshots:

*Images courtesy of GameSpot

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