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VIDEO: This Little Kid Is His Dad's Favourite Drift Passenger

Jim Kem July 27, 2015 11:32

While it’s debatable if car enthusiasts are born or are created as a matter of circumstance, one dad’s sure-fire way to pull the odds to his favour is to take his young son along in his drift car. We approve of this brand of parenting. 

Let it be clear, we don’t condone people driving in such a manner without the proper precautions. In the case of the father and son duo, it was filmed in a wide empty drift track, performed in a specially modified Toyota AE86 with the proper safety equipment such as a six-point harness and roll cage.

Now to the fun, and it looks like that kid is having an absolute blast with his Dad. As soon as the drifting starts in proper, the little boy's tongue comes out, eyes bulge, and the screams of elation become apparent, which also have a undercurrent of terror to them too, kind of like a roller coaster – it’s thrilling, after all.

We’re a little jealous, to be honest. His father has got the cooler hobby than, we’ll wager, most of ours do. It’s not the first time the little boy has been riding shotgun in a drift car either, as his father has brought him at least twice before.


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