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VIDEO: Lorry Ploughs Through Nearly 20 Cars Along Jalan Jelatek

Jim Kem June 10, 2015 09:49

On the evening of June 9, a lorry driver travelling along Jalan Jelatek in Kuala Lumpur lost control of his heavy vehicle due to an apparent brake failure, causing it to crash into approximately 20 cars before coming to a stop.

The trail of carnage left by the lorry included sedans, vans, SUVs, and compact cars. Thankfully however, nobody was reported to have suffered any serious injury.

There were a flood of pictures coming through social media on the incident which, presumably, caused a huge back crawl along the Kuala Lumpur road during rush hour – myMetro reports that it occurred at 5.45pm.

If the driver had not managed to turn off the lorry's engine once he realized the braked had failed, the truck could have done far more damage. Of course, all the facts are not yet in. It’s also a reminder that we always have to keep our cars in check as brake issues can happen to anyone.

It’s a shame that, in this case, a lorry had to shovel 20-some odd cars out of its way to come to a stop. More pictures below:

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