VIDEO: Man Uses His Super Strength To Lift Away Car Blocking A Crosswalk


VIDEO: Man Uses His Super Strength To Lift Away Car Blocking A Crosswalk

Practicing calm in the face of obstructions is something that comes from maturity - we think. And that virtue is perfectly exemplified by this bicyclist who encounters a car parked by a selfish driver on a cycle lane. Not content with standing by while crime is at hand, he saves the day.

The video itself hails from Brazil, from what we can tell. A country that really doesn't like bad parking. The onlookers couldn’t quite believe the spectacle and only just managed to capture the moment on their phone cameras. The cyclist, by some Herculean feat of strength, lifts the hatchback clean off its rear wheels and moves it off a cycle lane leading to a crosswalk.

You’d usually need a forklift or some other kind of machinery to move a foolishly parked car, but this big guy only needs his considerable brawn.

Mind you, he did not even appear angry or bothered. He just did what needed to be done, but nobody (except him, obviously) had the ability to. The entire time, bystanders were cheering him on. But needing no credit, he gets back on his bicycle and pedals away. Slowly. Casually. Calmly.

Just another day for your friendly neighbourhood real-life Mr. Incredible. 


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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