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VIDEO: Man vs. Machine, Who’s Better At Drifting? BMW Finds Out

Chris Aaron March 9, 2015 10:55

Scary, isn’t it? How quickly autonomous vehicles are advancing. Here’s BMW showing off, in a way, how far they’ve come along in the game.

As we understand it, BMW is putting together a massive drift challenge video, and this is just a trailer of what’s to come. Last time around, we saw the brand showcase the capabilities of the 2 Series M235i in an Epic Driftmob video.

Now, the M235i drift machine is back, but this time, it’s being pitted against an actual drift machine – a driverless one too.

Here in the video is a red M235i driven by drift champion pitted against BMW’s autonomous tech in a wrapped M235i. The results? Well, we’ll let you see the results for yourselves.


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