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VIDEO: Meet The World’s Fastest Accelerating Nissan GT-R, The Alpha Omega

Jim Kem July 22, 2015 16:58

The R35 Nissan GT-R has been a favoured canvas for tuners to have free rein over how much performance they want or dare to extract from it. It can even outrun a hyperbike. AMS Performance is no stranger to this car, and recently they have set a quarter-mile drag record in their most extreme creation, the Alpha Omega GT-R. 

While it has been said that no other car bullies a road quite like a GT-R, the Alpha Omega from AMS simply vaporizes it, setting a quarter mile run at just 7.48 seconds at 192.97mph (310.55km/h). The video below of it launching off the line highlights its brutality, all its power and torque lifting both front tyres off the ground.

How much power? Well, AMS hasn’t disclosed that exact figure. However, we’re sure you’ll agree, as we have, that it’s more than adequate. Enough for it to reach 100km/h from a standstill in just 1.49 seconds.

While AMS Performance is known for offering it’s aftermarket components that both transform stock GT-Rs into true tarmac shredding beasts while not compromising it’s street-use ability (comfort), we figure the Alpha Omega is a purely track focused machine. Despite this, it does retain the stock interior with leather upholstery and even the Bose sound system. 


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