VIDEO: On Your ‘Balik Kerja’ Journey? Don’t Do This!

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VIDEO: On Your ‘Balik Kerja’ Journey? Don’t Do This!

Here’s a video uploaded by one traveller that captures a very nasty habit of many Malaysian drivers: abusing the emergency lane.

Obviously, no such emergency is anywhere to be seen, but yet, drivers are just ploughing through the lane, unfairly and dangerously overtaking the slow moving traffic, which itself is potentially caused by such lane abusers looking to rejoin the right lanes ahead.

We know the road is long, and traffic can be unforgiving at these times, but this better late than never, if you know what we mean.

Drive safe, folks. Let’s all make our “Balik Kerja” trips as safe as our “Balik Kampung” ones.

TIP: On top of the Travel Time Advisories shared by various highway operators, why not use Google Maps and Waze to help source out the quickest routes for you?

Kome jela nak cepat sampai..hurmmm

Kome jela nak cepat sampai..hurmmmMore : Sukan Star TVBy : Sukan Star .com @

Posted by Sukan Star TV on Sunday, 19 July 2015


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